Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sleepy @work

Din really sleep well last nite.. I woke up in the middle of the nite to tell myself, it’s only Thursday.. 2 more days to go b4 I can wake up late.. hahaha.. actually, I cant sleep well coz I was waiting for his msg.. hoping to tell me tt he has oredi reach home.. sigh.. I got a few sms midnite but none from him.. it’s from my cousin.. haha..

Comparing to yesterday’s whole day of rain, the weather this morning was hot! But looking outside the window now, I think it’s gonna rain soon too.. well, then again, mayb not…

I’m very sleepy now.. very very very sleepy..

Ohh.. I’m into Japanese anime now! Putting hk drama aside at the moment… Hhmm.. was browsing thru crunchy roll Monday nite and found this cute anime.. Aishiteruze Baby.. the 5 year old baby, Yuzuyu is so cute and adorable.. her 17 year old cousin Kippei is handsomely cute too! Hahaha..

Aishiteruze Baby

this is baby Yuzuyu.. she's so cute in the anime..

Kippei.. the handsome playboy cousin..

my new craze.. woohoo~

~the dreamer

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