Friday, April 13, 2007

Audit Passed

yay! i passed for my part.. it took me only at most 10mins and i'm done wif all checkings... tt auditor was nice, frenly and give a few suggestions..

this morning, i put on my fav maroon, chinese collar shirt and my fav black slack.. looking neat and tidy.. i'm feeling good.. partly coz it's FRIDAY! woo hooo...!

i came into office this morning as usual.. though my boss said he will come in early for me to finish up my work.. hehe.. u think i'll leave my stuffs till so blardy last minute? no way lor.. i'm done, and i sleep kao kao then oni come office.. hohoho..

my boss laughed at me for being last minute but heck la.. none is my fault.. before noon, i was called in for audit.. hahaha.. glad everything went by smoothly... well, the auditor din touch on things tt i rushed like mad for 2 blardy nites.. dun say touch, see oso no see.. haha but well, expected lor.. anyway, i done wat i was told..

during lunch i was telling my colleagues about how the audit went.. J told me tis morning my boss came in very early.. asking where was i? coz he said i've got many more to finish up, how come i'm not in early.. hehe.. then OB was there.. J told me tt my boss told OB next time cannot do things like this, all oso last minute.. every year oso last minute... wohohoho.. my boss repeated the same phrase again later when i came into office.. syiok-nya..... he's not scolding but at least he said something to OB.. i listen oredi oso 'song'.. hahaha..

2 days ago, i was feeling like this....

friday onwards, i'm feeling like this...

and i'm going to feel like this when monday comes..... sigh....

~the dreamer
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