Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thursday, My Public Holiday..

i spent my thursday holiday doing nothing but sleep, eat, online, movie & sleep... wahahaha..

oohh.. watched a korean movie.. find it funny!

200 Pounds Beauty

well.. in short, she was fat, has a great voice, sing behind the stage for a lousy but famous so-called singer, like the producer, went for surgery after overheard him talking bad behind her, became cute, pretty, sexy and still has the great voice, ashamed of who she was and the surgery, hide her past (including her pyschopath yet supportive dad), finally admitted her mistakes in her 1st concert, touched everyone and became succesful both in love and career..

there... hahahaha... well, funny part u muz watch oni u understand la.. but she's really cute and sexy.. she's got great voice singing Maria but no idea if it's really her singing it.. haha..

oohh.. i foung IMEEM while browsing through some blogs.. i could find so many songs there, juz cant download it.. still it's nice to add it to the playlist and still get to listen to it.. believe it or not, i can still find New Kids On The Block's songs! though not all their albums but enuff to refresh my memories of those good old days.. hahaha.. added those to my collections... so i can easily listen to them when i get online.. ooohhh.... excited.. hahaha..

i adopted a virtual pig too and name her little dreamy! hahaa.. well.. juz for the fun of it.. got too much free time to online.. hehehe..

went to bed at 12am.. but turning around and din sleep well.. coz i was excited to goin out on friday wif him.. we both took leave and he's to accompany the whole day... wahahaha...

~the dreamer

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