Thursday, April 05, 2007

Juz Blog lorrr

home alone.. takde kerja nak buat.. so online lor.. checked my mails, appeared invisible in messengers... dun feel like chatting tonite.. feeling sleepy... think tonite will sleep earlier... i feel tt these few weeks past by very fast.. especially my time in office.. most probably coz i got lots to do.. sigh.. i nid a break.. there will be a webseminar on the 19th nite at 9.30pm.. bigB asked if lab want to attend.. haha.. i wonder who wanna stay in the office when all of us always leave on time! sigh.. if they nid to stay, i have to stay too.. :( coz they are laptop-cum-projector-idiots.. wohoho... aiya, juz an excuse for them to tell me to stay back oni.. how hard izzit to setup laptop & projector la.. anyway, i've decided.. i'm taking leave on 20th.. well, other than running away from the office, it's oso coz i've got some errands to kow tim..

i was almost on top of my lungs this morning... ya, OM again.. early in the morning asking me if i've finish his stuffs.. like i'm oni doing his things and no other job.. duhh... i tell him no.. ha! well, he throw me another job.. asking me to photostate those manuals.. sigh... feeling very moody this morning.. and feeling like a maid more & more! wat more when the lab's toilet got stucked, they called me......... am i in charge for toilets too? i tell the mgr, please dun call me, let the OM know.. i dunwan to know if we have any contacts of plumber or contractors... i'm pushing all those non-related responsibilities.. as they oredi calling me when air-cond is down, electricity is down, phone line is down, water is off... i dunwan toilet rosak oso call me!! i guess these are not wat purchasing or secretary shud do rite?

well, i managed to bully a clerk today.. wohoho... bully is a heavy word.. i shud say, i'm not being nice today.. sometimes i hate to ask these g.clerk to do work.. they are not oni lazy and juz cannot type a single piece of word file properly! well, none of my business.. OM asked her to do some amendments and some files are missing.. i dun have those files.. so, wat u shud do? type a new one, rite? juz bcoz OM tell her to look for me if she cant find the file, so she asked me to type for her, then she amend.. haha... a g.clerk oso wanna bully me! so sorry.. not this time.. i was nice to them.. always do.. but not this time.. i tell her a strict no.. and ask her to type herself.. the format is there, it's simple.. know wat she tell me? she's tired, no time to do her things... duh! imagine me.. like i got nothing to do upstairs? i'm not goin to help her on this one.. coz if i do, i'll not help her to promote her upstairs.. she's suppose to assist me if she's coming up.. but this kind of small things oso she cant fulfill, i use her for wat? i really nid someone to help me.. not to tell me i'm tired, u do la.. i dun nid another to burden me more.. if bigB ask if she can help, i'll juz tell him straight.. promote or not, still not my decision la..

everyday oso i complain.. and everyday oso complain bout the same person.. my colleague juz laughed at me today... telling me toilet rosak oso find me, next time berak tak keluar oso they find me... sigh... each time OM come to my place, my colleague will giggle, giving those looks.. aarrgghh...

oh, i did something wonderful yesterday.. my HR, OM and bigB(actually he knew but act dunno) dunno how to draw our company's organization chart!! wahahahaha.. there is an existing one, but something is not right somwhere.... and this blardy thing was thrown to me by the blardy OM - so called ISO MR, ISO-trained, 11years of experienced mgmt staff in the company! wahahahaha... a secretary, was assumed being more expertise in coming out wif the organization chart!! hahaha.. blardy funny.. wat the HR do? hehe.. HR oso say she dunno... wahahahaha... funny not? well, of coz, being the obedient me, and coz my HR told me "when u're done, give me a copy".. so i did it lor.. thanks to a fren, whom i consulted.. else i really dunno who put where.. cinabeng betoi..

everyday oso got new "challenge" for me.. and when i forget, did not complete my task on time, all blame me.. "jessica lor"... blardy betoi...
i think tomolo muz mandi air bunga kasi buang suay... ish.. seriously geram when everything oso come to me.. "dunno, u ask jessica", "buy? tell jessica", "spoil? tell jessica", "pen? ask jessica", "finish? tell jessica", "done? tell jessica"... wat else tt they dun tell me? oh ya... they dun tell me about new recruitment.. and when suddenly this fella appear in our front door, we're suppose to know...!? ha.. tis is 1 funny story too.. happened few times! we'll nv know when the mgmt surprise us wif new colleagues..

sighhh... masih kena terus kerja... no work no $$.. how to survive? haiii.. complain & kerja make me a happy person! wahahahahaha....

da siu yan... kasi buang suay!

suay go go go! hahahaha...

ok.. syiok liao....

~the dreamer
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HoOVeRbElL said...

hahahaaa... how come those cartoon so cute and so ngam your cerita gehhhh?

where did u get it wan?

anyway, hugzz hugzzzzzzz