Thursday, April 12, 2007

Upgraded OM to OB

i decided to upgrade OM to OB.. hehe.. Old Ba***rd.. woohoo... sorry for being disrespectful but i have problems giving respect to this man..

being the emotional me, i omos cried in office yesterday coz of tt idiot.. of coz, there's nothing to be sad or cry about but i was really frustrating and blardy fu*king TL wif him.. i'm having external audit tomolo and yest at almost 4pm, he asked L to carry out an internal audit for my dept (and later backdate it).. my kpc colleague (L is from another dept) bring up some point of improvement.. i appreciated his points and even thank him loudly this morning for his kaypo-ness..

the point is, OB thinks those are good ideas and would help me to prevent "troubles" during external audit.. well, like i dunno?? he told me "dun worry, it's juz 1 time job.. u typed it once then next time u got a copy oredi... "....??!! DUH? like i oso dunno?? i told him very calmly, although i oredi wanted to burst.. i told him, it's not the matter of typing, i dun mind typing, i dun mind RE-typing the whole blardy 1.5inches stack of A4 papers information but i've got only LESS than 2 days to type it!!! and i still have other things to do!! and he dare ask me wat things i have to do somemore?????? gosh.. like i'm very free? like big B dun give me work? and he told me, "tell boss la tt u got this to do"... at this point, my frustration really getting thru to my throat, my eyes, my head!! i oredi wanted to cry out of frustration..

he muz think tt those information can run automatically into the spreadsheets and voila! job done! stupiak! well, thankfully, when this file was passed to me, i had created a list for my own reference and updated it yearly.. so i cut down my typing by 50%... if this file is still wif my ED, ha! then i'm kaput for good..

finally managed to finish some parts by 6pm, gave to big B for signatory.. he grumbled "he always like to do things last minute"... i juz smiled.. coz i know, no action will be taken... big B asked me to stay back to try to finish it in office coz he'll be late too.. y not? i'll take this chance to show OB wat had he done to me! OB came to office trying to be very nice to me.. he stayed there till big B asked if i'm done.. told him no, i can bring home to continue.. OB start saying it's ok, those part not important, no nid to do.. WTF!!!! i told him tt he's the one who asked me do, so tt when those auditors questioned i've got summary for them, now he telling me not important?? idiot! then oni he said i can continue it tomolo at office, coz i still got time.. another last minute for me??? i dun even want to look at him, and told him i'll bring home to finish it, i dunwan to do it last minute, i'm scared of last minute jobs! well, i din scream at him but i said it calmly and i really feel TL even not looking at his face..

and i'm glad, i'm done.. tomolo go to office, i can print out, file it and case closed..

feeling really very TL juz thinking about it.. sigh.. bother la.. i can go sleep oredi.. bah!

hopefully everything goes well tomolo... aaaaaa.... =)

~the dreamer

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