Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blanko & Tired..

Yesterday was a tired day.. started the EMS briefing at 9.30am.. I was rushing things like mad… hate having meetings early in the morning.. even during break, I have to run up to finish some tasks.. lunch break at 1230pm.. went home for lunch coz it was vege day.. big B wasn’t quite happy coz I declined to lunch with them but too bad.. haha.. briefing ended at about 5.15pm.. was feeling very tired and happy coz finally completed 1 task.. but I have more to come.. sigh.

This morning, again, started meeting at 9.30am.. this time is mgmt meeting.. whoa… 4hrs sitting on the chair… butt oso kemek.. hahaha.. well, some part of the meeting was interesting and some part, time-wasting.. anyhow, my opinion, on observing my fellow mgmt colleagues, they are somehow as dissatisfied as I do.. well, everyone in this organization is a tai chi master themselves..

feeling 'blank' after 2 days of meetings......

~the dreamer
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